The NewsPlus program allows you to manage news articles on your site. 

Features include: 

  • Automatic headline feed to the front page of your site

  • Headline click to complete article

  • Direct link to entire news page

  • Archiving, including searching in archived items

  • Auto removal of articles from front page on expiration and more

  • Optional: Various users can post and manage their own articles, but not anyone else’s.

To Manage Your Articles:

  1. Login into the administration center by going to the admin.php in the newsplus directory
  2. Note:  Email addresses and passwords are modifiable in the admin section
  3. The main admin screen will show your current News and links to other functions
  4. From the main admin screen you manage your current articles using the row of icons to the RIGHT of an article:
  • Green + Icon: get more info on the article
  • Pencil Icon: Edit current news item
  • Double Page Icon:  Copy the news article
  • Red X:  Delete the article
  • White Page Icon:  Moves an article from live to archive (visitors can still read the old articles they just don’t show in the current head line listings on the front.)

To Add a NEW Article

  1. In the row of icons directly above the current articles list click the 3rd icon from the left (page with a little yellow sprite)
  2. Fill out the form
  3. You will need to put in a author’s name and an expiration date (for standing articles make it next year)
  4. You can add your own small graphic that goes with the article or if blank, the program will add the default graphic for the category.
  5. You also have the option of adding a banner ad that will display on the news items and listings pages
  6. You must set the date to start showing (required!) and the date to stop showing the article in the items.

To Edit an Existing Article

  1. Click the pencil icon from the news or archives list.
  2. Make your changes in the form.  You can upload a new image if you like.
  3. Save your edits when done with the "Update" button at the bottom.

News Archives:  Allows to view, edit or delete old news articles almost the same as the Current Articles List

Users:  Allows you to add, edit or delete who has access and what level of access they have to the news admin area.  Simply click the edit button to change a current user or the “add new” icon to create a new one.

Categories:  This feature allows you to create categories for your news items and group the items accordingly. E.G. Careers, Notices, Employee News, etc.  Or even by location.  You may create as many categories as you want or need.  You may also change the default icon that is associated with a category.

News Page:  Allows you to see what a web visitor would see when they look at the front end of the web site.

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